What do you use to treat gout or arthritis?

Dec 31, 2001
been to the doctor. Prescribed medication. Hate taking it. Happens about three times a year. Usually the toe or entire foot. Usually have to stay off my feet for a week (which I also can't stand) quite literally. I bicycle 8-10 miles a day for exercise 5 days a week. Super painful during a flare up. Even with gout medication. It kicks my ass!!!! How do you deal with gout OR your arthritis?😐


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Jun 16, 2002
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My wife had gout. The doctor gave her a list of foods that cause it. She doesn't eat them any more, and no more gout.


Dec 1, 2005
Yeah. Everything that tastes good.
Back in the 70's, my Dad went to a "life style" doctor for a very in depth health review.
His take away was-
If it tastes good, spit out fast! It's gonna kill ya!

On a serious note, I know several people who swear by cherry juice, or some type of cherry abstract to fight off gout.
No personal experience. (Thank God!). I have enough concerns.


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Dec 28, 2001
Gout is a MF’er

I have a script for Naproxen, supposed to take it twice a day but I only take it when it flares up. I'm no stranger to pain so I just deal with it.


Jul 18, 2004
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Find the food that’s bugging her. Mine was an odd one. Cheap chocolate 🤷‍♂️ I can’t recall what sugar they use. I wanna say high fructose corn syrup. I eat those and my toe is pissed. Those small pills you take for three days go nothing anymore. When I get it I drink Blk cherry juice and take aleve


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Feb 1, 2002
is overrated
I'm still trying to work it out myself.

So far, narcotics work well but, the doctors don't want to prescribe them be because you might get addicted and overdose or something.

Next week I get some steroid injections but, that's only been temporary in the past.


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Jun 20, 2002
Gout x sufferer here

Learn what causes it. Stop eating those foods.
That is the best way to treat it.

I bought some celery seed extract capsules which came recommended but they seem to only work in mild attacks if taken by the fist full.

I ve heard black cherry juice also melts the uric acid crystals although they never did shit for me.

Only eat white meat.
No colored meat of any kind OTHER than Tuna. Tuna actually does you good.

So, no turkey no duck no beef no venison (although i ate venison nonstop while I spent 7 yrs in Romania and never had a gout attack)
No ground meat of any kind (because they throw in all the guts/hearts/ghizzards/livers/etc which are high pureen content)

No salami, no sausages, no hotdogs... Same reason as above, also... Keep in mind that STORE BOUGHT FOOD has high preservative content and preservatives is the biggest gout cause next to alcohol.

No beer no wine no wiskey no brandy no cognac... Nothing colored.
Vodka is ok. Moonshine or self distilled is ok. Only clean clear alcohol.

In this case "Be MORE white" is better than be less white.

Fluids. Drink lots and lots of fluids so that you piss and piss and piss. The more fluids you drink the faster the uric acid crystals will disolve.

Cut down on beans or anything in the bean family. Lentil, peas..
Cut down on mushrooms.
Cut down on pastry and flaky sweets.
Once again, think PRESERVATIVES!

My 7 yr romania break taught me that US food is tainted. It is filled with junk and chemicals.

I had zero gout flares for 7 yrs and I ate everything I wasn t supposed to from the mentioned wild boar, deer, sausages, salamis, you name it, I ate it.

So it seems venison might be ok if you know the source of it (i hunted mine)

Supermarket meats should be avoided unless you re buying chicken.
Never had a flareup from chicken

Seafood... NO SEAFOOD
No lobster, no shrimp, no clams, no scallops... Nothing that came out of a shell. It has high content of pureens so you will surely suffer from eating even 2 tiny shrimps.

Fish... White fish is ok. And tuna.
No dark fish and stay away from salmon.

Gout will force you to change your life if you don t want to suffer as gout is excruciatingly painful as you already know.

It also does damage to articulations as that pain you are feeling is actual "sharp crystal glass" cutting away at your articulations wherever it deposits.

You can enjoy wings done your way, over a bed of greens, you can enjoy salads and most vegetables, you can enjoy chicken breast or tuna salads...

You will have to get creative as your allowed foods are limited.
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