Well there goes this franchise

Aug 17, 2011
Alleged Easy Street
The shit loss is more about being upset with know nothings re-inventing the wheel in the image they think best instead of making something new from their own creative talent.
I disagree. They know exactly what they are doing - it's all a formula to make more money. The blockbusters hits nowadays are 1) reboots 2) sequels and 3) superhero movies. There are lots of original movie releases every month that outnumber the big studio by what I suspect is a huge margin (10:1?), but those rarely go anywhere.

This isn't some social commentary or support for strong lead females (although it'll be packaged as such) - it's a money grab, plain and simple.

Capitalism, baby.

They merely re-write what was already done well to begin with.
Coat tail riding at it's best.
That's exactly the point - the Bond brand is well established - releasing a separate female-spy lead (or any spy movie) to compete would bring in less money. Far more profitable to continue with a strong brand than to try to start a new one from scratch.

Who's "losing their shit"? We're merely commenting on the direction of a storied movie franchise. Is anyone calling for protests? Is any calling for anyone involved with the production of said film series to be "doxxed"? Is anyone threatening anyone else over this?
When people start to bitch about the death knell of Western society at large over the casting choices in a movie, that puts 'em squarely in meltdown territory.

You actually seem to be the one who is overly invested in trying to glean some joy out of other people's disappointment.
lol fucking puh-leeze.

"glean joy from other's disappointment"? It's posted here daily about Democrats are still crying about Trump winning the election.

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Jan 8, 2002
1. Obama's Nobel peace prize.
2. Black panther movie.
3. New 007.

Only happened or got any attention because they were black and now what they originally stood for is meaningless and worthless.


Nov 17, 2002
Did everyone lose their shit when they cast the black guy as Felix Leiter? I don't recall.
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