Vancouver to Vancouver island



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Hi folks,

Hope some of you guys can help me with getting a RV over to Vancouver island from Vancouver, anybody done the same?

I'm planning a trip over there in September, so any help whatsoever on times to cross or any contact / prices info, be much appreicated.

It's just to add on to a two week holiday i'm doing driving through the Canadian rockies from Calgary to Vancouver, not on the bike unfortunatley, as i've got the wife with me, but you never know for next time!!

Thanks, Mark.

Mtn Busa

Dec 28, 2001
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I guess Vancouver comes under the Rockies....well, kinda' on the western edge of 'em anyway.

I've never tried to take an RV on the Horseshoe Bay ferry or the one out of Victoria but you should be able to find info. on the 'net. Google it, Dude!
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