Anonymous Lurker Poop
Just ask me, I am now the foremost expert on busas.

Pra, Dennis, etc., anything yawannaknow just ask me. I have had my busa for a cup of coffee, now and I have it nailed.

I pulled it apart down to the frame, all by myself. I can't see what the probem is?


Anonymous Lurker Poop
DaJediPunk weza shure does likee the blinger busa yuz build. hows maniez 20dolla rocks for busey like dat. hook a niggn up bro!

Just A Nigga from Flynt

know it all jedi

Anonymous Lurker Poop
Dammit man.... please don't tell the boss i had you pulling my 9 year old busa apart during work hours....

he'll fire my ass so fast it will make even hapo's head spin.... he still probably thinks that bogus job offer was real.... bwaaahahhaaaa.......

besides..... i like to imagine i'm well regarded on here.... when i tell everyone that i did the work on my bike....

i think i'll offer milageking a new set of tires tomorrow.... and then when he turns me down.... in my mind i'll look like a very caring and generous person....i just hope the entire board doesn't see through this most recent bogus offer.... again....

ShadTree Mech

Anonymous Lurker Poop
Too bad is you need help

Ya stoop... Usa tools on a met trick bike? Wit worth is how you re azz symbol. Let me know if you need help wit worth shit now is the boog gear'd bolts. It ain' worth is puttin back to get her. You in the gay rage being all wrench ridin' and I'm in the house ridin' your woman.
Told chew I'd cum over to help you... All that time wondering which way the bolt comes out after 500 little thing on the floor......Ya stoop'd over fucknut
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