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Jan 20, 2002
So since my friend is a scientist, I showed her my magnetic fishing device that I will be using to go magnet fishing in lakes, rivers and streams and she said to be careful not to get the magnet to close to your heart or else you'll have problems down the road on your health.

Never thought much about electrical magnetic field so I checked on electric cars and motorcycles and the affects of those electric motors on the human body and came across this article.

EMF exposure in EV

Submitted by neil90250 on August 23, 2017
I was ready to pull the trigger on a model X over the weekend. What pulled me back was the magnetic field exposure that has me concerned. I spend numerous hours researching the harmful effect of eletromagnetic exposure to humans. Armed with a trifield EMF meter, I went to a tesla service center where I was kindly assisted by the tech advisor who allowed me to sit in a model X with the battery on. I took 3 readings for each seats: floor, seat, eye level. As expected when I moved further from the floor battery, the exposure reading decreases. At the floor it read 12 microTesla (120 milliGauss), on the seat .36 microTesla, at head level 0 microTesla. According to the EMF meter gauge, any reading above .3 microTeslas (3 milliGaus) is considered unsafe. I expects the reading to be higher as the car accelerates to speed. Is there any product that can shield these potential harmful magnetic field? I thought that since MX is constructed out of aluminum, it would help in blocking these harmful EMF. Can someone shed more light on this topic to put me more at ease? As of now I will be on the fence. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this topic.

more on the subject via link below
EMF exposure in EV | Tesla


Oct 31, 2002
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I'll go out on a limb and say that there might be EMF problems that can be solved with proper shielding.

But I will probably die from my long term exposure to carbon monoxide, and all the noxious fumes coming out of my fuel tanks over the last 67 years.


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Jan 1, 2002
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From your link...

I'd like to reiterate TeslaTap's statement: A non-moving Tesla battery isn't going to generate any EMF. None. Any reading you got on your meter is likely from some other environmental source. Look at your data - there's three times the EMF at seat level as at the floor, suggesting that the EMF is NOT coming from the floor (because then it would be stronger at the floor...). Then you see 0 at head level - which makes no sense, as EMF fields drop as the cube of the distance from the source.

Note that you're exposed to EMF in the range of 250 to 650 milliGauss from the Earth's magnetic field...
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