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Jan 11, 2002
Peyton Place (mid-coast Maine)
I have always been able to handle stress... not sure how... but i think i thank my parents for it mostly... They had me working a deli slicer at 10 and making car deliveries at 13.

I worked at South Shore Plaza at Longs Jewelers at 17 covering all parts of the store but i was best in customer service... I could always put a smile on their face no matter what... sure it may have cost the store some $$$ but customer left happy. ( I was young and stupid and always heard the customer is always right )

I have always worked well with extreme time constraints and last minute emergencies thrown in... i almost thrived on it in a strange way.

Sure there was stress but i was able to keep it at bay somehow.

The last year has taught me at the sweet old age of 53 that with age comes wisdom... but does wisdom take away our ability to deal with stress?

Perhaps more physical output is needed... not walking the dog as much as i should and sadly, the Bowflex is a great place to hang clothes. i do sleep the best after some real work like snow shoveling or cleaning out the garage.

Still plenty of work from last year to finish and local work seems strong so far so "biniz" wise i am ahead of a "normal" year where i would be done with everything by now. and my gut says it will stay strong.

so why can't i just shake this shit off now with just a good deep breath and a strong laugh?

things are not that bad... Every day We wake up and can move along and do what we enjoy doing is a gift... I really should not complain. I have it way better than many.

just venting i guess... :)


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Dec 29, 2001
Life / age just takes its toll on your body after a while, not a lot you can do about it.

Meds, toys, women, exercise are just "band aid" fixes to the inevitable.

"Youth is wasted on the young"
“We sacrifice health in the pursuit of wealth...only to spend our wealth to regain our health....”
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Aug 9, 2003
Central Kentucky
Stress sucks and can steal your health if it goes on for too long. My divorce from the first wife really screwed with my mind from dealing with her fury and the lawyers trying to milk me for what little I had at the time. Once she was gone it was as if the world just fell from my shoulders.

A healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way to slowing the the loss of your physical youth, as well as improving you ability to deal with stress. So does retiring early.

Disappearing into the mountains on the motorcycle for a few days is also excellent mental therapy!!!
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