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Dec 31, 2001
Just turned 56 years old recently and got on my 2006 (no where near stock) zx14 that I ride about once every two months. Took a 200 mile ride up here in northern California. Was with a friend (about the same age) who also have a zx14. We give that look at each other as we are on a clear straight going up highway 5. And offfff we go. Last time I looked down. I was doing 165 mph!!!! And believe me. It was just catching it's stride as the previous owner removed the top speed limiter on this bike and it was dynoed at 203 at the rear wheel and about 50 pounds lighter than stock. And the first thing I thought was (after the awesome adrenaline rush was). 'What the Fuck am I doing "!!!!lol. I have every bike under the sun but, there's just something about the shear power of that bike. O well. I'll cover it up for another 2 months😐😁 odd enough. My favorite all around bike is my 650 Burgman. Bought it with only 500 miles in 2007 and its now well pass 70 thousand. It just does everything for me. It's been nothing but reliable. Almost forgot. I had a 2002 vtec as well back in 2003. Very nice bike. Loved it.
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