So what will be the biggest change in Your life/lifestyle in the next 2 weeks or so...?

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Maybe opening my prepping dry food supply if we're banned from leaving the house for 2 weeks.

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Jan 25, 2002
I got a call from the log buyer who works for the mill that dropped us three years ago. He sounded humble and nice. They need logs bad, offered a solid price on all species.

Their log inventory is completely depleted. Under normal conditions they buy 190 loads / day, now they are able to buy less than 100 loads/ day.

Back to work for me, and i slept good last night. What a relief. Market for logs will be strong all winter, according to him.

Of course, my crew is hunting and wont be available for a couple weeks. Thats o.k., i have some roadwork to do in preparation.


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Jan 11, 2002
Peyton Place (mid-coast Maine)
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... me, not much... i regularly work from home... have plenty of work here to do for paying customers as well as plenty of raw stock and materials to keep on trucking for quite awhile... (or until i have to become a blacksmith)

more than enough food and supplies for the dog and i...

i have more animals than i care that admit that walk and cross the Pondarosa if i need to start poaching them...

nice new gen set... sat TV... 400 foot well... and being born an only child... have very little problem being alone in my head.

... but damn if i don't want to go out for a cruise just to see people... :confused:

funny how we want what we are not supposed to have or do... human nature i rekkon

but back to the question... aside from losing friends and family...

life will go on...

and if You plan on stopping by... please call ahead...

so i don't shoot You dead...
i know it's not cool to quote yourself... but i'm not cool ...

but i was spot on... just sayin' Thanks for the reminder Red! :up:


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Jan 12, 2002
...the biggest change I see coming in two weeks is maybe getting another mini bike together...

...but I am having trouble getting a fresh helmet together... is like The Bronco is ever circling...LoL...
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