So do we think Trump is going to take California


Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Dec 31, 2001
Zero chance- Hillary won it by 30 points. Does anyone think any blue states from 2016 will go red this year? Probably not.
Cisco San Jose
Jan 20, 2002
Although California desperately needs Trump.

I hadn't heard this story before.

A couple of my friends work or worked for TSA and they say some of the upper bosses are just power hungry or do not have common sense and they do stuff that are sometimes not legal or boarder on illegal. One stupid incident happened at San Jose airport where the TSA upper management said that kids "children's toy plastic guns" are to be confiscated if the kid tries to carry the toy on a airplane, my friend put in for early retirement after that, he told me that the head boss came from Hawaii TSA. I talked to my friend in Hawaii who also retired from TSA and I asked him about the certain person that came from TSA Hawaii and he told me that the person was hated by most of the TSA handlers in Hawaii.

Funny think is that I got pulled over and searched by TSA Kona airport when flying back to San Jose, got surrounded by TSA workers and was told to take a chemical test on my hands. Yep they still do racial profiling even in Hawaii.
Aug 17, 2011
Alleged Easy Street
Trump got mad that Biden raised lots of money recently, so to soothe his butthurt ego, bragged about theoretically committing a quid pro quo crime.

And people are seriously scratching their heads as to why people would vote for Biden :lol:

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