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Aug 3, 2008
In my house
So yesterday me and a few buddies are ripping up single track on the dirt bikes and as we are coming up a smaller hill about 2 minutes from the end of our ride a frantic lady with her dog is waiving her arms. I instantly think we are going to get scolded for something......for what I am not sure. Then I notice she is crying. We turn off the bikes and she starts yelling my dog just died, my dog just died. I instantly am thinking it got bitten by a rattle snake.

After getting my helmet off and talking to the lady she tells me they were throwing the ball and hiking like they do every night and the dog jumped for the ball and she said it was like he died in mid air cause he just collapsed in mid air. We all think massive heart attack. Her husband was there over the dog and was pretty shocked. This had to have happened less than one to two minutes prior to us showing and she waived us down because they were right in the trail and we were moving.

After an offer to go get my truck to come back and retrieve the family and the dog the husband insisted on taking the hike back with his other dog.l and to get his car.

Both the husband and wife insisted that the wife would be fine and we could leave. I insisted we would stay and that I would never leave a lady on a trail by herself at nightfall, especially after she just lost her dog.

30 minutes go by before the husband returns and I spent all that time trying to console the wife and talk about all the good dogs bring to this world and how Indy will always be watching over their family from here on out, she cried the entire time. Husband returns and we load up, wife decides to hike home with the dog the husband brought back along with their oldest daughter. Once they leave the husband loses it......he was being strong for his girls up until then. He proceeds to tell me how much that dog meant to him and his family and what a connection they had. He loses again so I just gave the guy a hug because he was distraught. After he settled down we all left.

I felt really bad for the family as I am a dog person. Thought about it most of the day today and felt I had to do something. I returned this evening and planted this for them.

Not sure what life would be like without dogs, but I am pretty sure it would suck!

Sep 9, 2002
Had a bad spell after we moved here within two years all 3 of our dogs had died. So one got hit by a fucking car, one was sickly and died while we were at the brewery,and one just fell out right in front of us in a similar manner to Indy.

It's not any easier or harder to see it right in front of your eyes, the same guilt, same regrets all 3 of them, but closure I guess.

What really sucks worse is if your dog just disappears and you don't know where it is or what happened.


Oct 12, 2003
Sucks but having a dog die suddenly is really a blessing when compared to a slow decline and having to put it down. My best pal woke up a couple years ago absolutely had a sudden heart failure.


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Oct 2, 2017
People like you restore my faith in humanity.
This world could use more of this.
Nothing but the best for you and yours....
Bless youšŸ‘


Aug 10, 2005
That's a terrible story, Scott.

I wouldn't want to be in any of your shoes....


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Dec 12, 2001
Hayabusaland, CA
That's a beautiful tribute Scott. Really, really nice. I know you didn't post this for the attaboys, but fuck you :) I was pretty stoic while reading your post until I saw the picture. Fucker. šŸ˜­ I had a client lose their Golden a few years ago just like that. Ran to chase a ball and just fell over stone dead. Not really old, maybe seven or so, and not at all unhealthy, except for the dying thing. We're never ready to say goodbye to our pups. Looking at my two old boys tonight and I'm feeling that Squints the little Maltese is getting close. He's wearing a diaper most all of the time as he just can't hold his piss anymore. He sleeps most of the time, but still hops around like crazy at mealtime or when he decides to hit me up for a treat, so close, but not ready. Not yet. He'll let me know. They always do.
Nov 30, 2004
You are an example of what's right in the world. Putting others in need first, in situations that call for it.
Kudos to you!
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