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Jul 28, 2005
central IL
We got tasked to move the Sec Def from Kuwait to Baghdad in the summer of 03 ..

took 4 machines to get it done , one for him and his entourage, one for the press corps, a flying bump bird and my crew got tasked to haul his 3/4 ton up armored suburban...

he was a big/tall guy that commanded a presence , carried his self around like a boss ..

I was pointing and yelling prepping to load his truck when he walked by with his detail .. He looks over and says ‘ that’ll never fit in there ‘ to which I replied ‘ wanna bet ? ‘ ..

He stopped in his tracks , spun on his heel and stepped to me .. He had a grin on his face and looked me in the eye .. Made a little small talk , shook hands and parted ways ..

I let half the air out of his tires and the truck fit like a glove ..

He was a wise elder statesmen that truly loved his country and understood that there are bad people that want to do bad things to us ..

he might not have spent much time posting memes on the inner net , but he was a true patriot..

God speed Sir and Salute , thank you for your service..



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Dec 29, 2001
Interesting fact:

Rumsfeld was the youngest SECDEF in the Nixon admin

Then he became the oldest SECDEF under Bush (W).
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