Road to Sa Calobra, Majorca, Spain


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Jan 1, 2002
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Over the years, we've reviewed and shared pictures both from the web and personal, some of the world's most stunning public roads like the Stelvio Pass and elsewhere

"Though twists and turns abound on this road leading to Sa Calobra, on the Spanish island of Majorca, you'd have a hard time getting lost out here—there's only one road in and out of this coastal town. Rather than cut a more direct path through the mountains via tunnels, the road's designer chose to incorporate numerous switchbacks and hairpin turns, allowing sightseers to journey above ground. After all, if you make the long trip to this Mediterranean island paradise, you won't want to miss a thing—just keep an eye on the road too!"

Bravo to the local planners who made this happen. If ever there was a road built as an ode to the motorcyclist, this must be it



Aug 3, 2002
spain, in the sun, with a beer
There are some truly stunning biking roads here in Spain, and even motorways that come into that category.....the AP6 from Rioseco through the mountains into Asturias being a good example - a motorway with corners you could get your knee down on!

The N-IV going through Despenaperros used to be a classic until they put the new section in. It was a motorway with switchbacks, and a couple of hairpins signposted at 30kmh.....on a motorway!

The roads round here (Guadalajara) have some superb biking roads. Do a google earth around Sacedon and you’ll see what I mean.
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