Random meme thread...

May 2, 2018
Larry got trounced, expectedly.
I really couldn't dislike Joy Reid any more than I already do. What a horrid cunt.
What I saw was an exact match dem vs rep. 66% 33%.

I find that hard to believe. Too many people that voted for Newsom last time wanted him recalled, where did they go?

I could believe 55/45, but not an exact match.

Dave Rubin is leaving and taking more people and money with him. Likely end up in Austin like a lot wealthy entertainers that left California.

I did talk to a rabid liberal yesterday, it's the same in person as on line.

Bunch of blind idiots.

I think stetson mentioned, "California is where a civil war is most likely to start". I can't argue against that comment.


Dog Boy
Jan 12, 2002
...I hope the blacks per se are smart enough not to fall for it...the 1% who run the government are just looking for a way to eliminate the most uppity segments for now...

...if bunch of low class whites get wiped out and the population clamors for "protection", and shoves civil rights on the back burner. so much the better...

...it is like they are setting it up so they can step in with total martial law or something...
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