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Aug 17, 2011
Alleged Easy Street
When playing in traffic, it's the vehicle drivers fault when someone doing so, gets run over or hit.
There's a huge difference between jumping in front of a speeding car and occupying space in front of a car stopped at a redlight when the driver clearly sees you.

The conduct of the police in utilizing rubber bullets and tear gas not against people who are looting and rioting but who are there protesting peacefully represents an assault on the first amendment.


amazingly graceful
Feb 1, 2002
is overrated
I should have added "Freeway" in front of traffic but, left you the out.

It's way more fun to be dodging freeway traffic moving at speed than walking/prancing among cars essentially parked at a traffic signal.
You should try it being as young as you are, I enjoyed it immensely in my younger days when I was still fleet of foot.
It's safe, trust me...
...the playing in freeway traffic, I mean.

It's not nearly as much fun as going out into the deer woods, during hunting season to feed the deer, without wearing a day-glow vest though.
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