Mass Shooting El Paso Walmart


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Sep 6, 2008
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I don t know how many mexicans you've interrogated...but the concensus is, they come here, pay 5 grand a pop to get over the border, they lay under the radar working for cash 7-10 years. They ll come dad son cousins nephews, stay 10 in an apartment, all the money they make goes back to mejico and in 10 yrs time they ll go back, buy a coffee farm that their kids and grandkids can live well off.
That has been the story i hear, time and again. These people dont want to stay here, they come so they can get the capital to get ahead in their homeland
that has always incensed me. Guys with families come to work as a sacrifice (honorable) but also send all their money back to Mexico via wire services and bodegas. A roofer will make $800-$1200/wk here. He can get a roof installed in Mexico at his home for $500... which I found ironic. Not even worth his time to return to do the
The younger kids will buy nice vehicles.
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