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UK Man Jailed 2 Years for Obscene Calls

Nov 9, 3:26 PM (ET)

LONDON (AP) - The underwear-obsessed telephone stalker's undoing proved to be the opening of a gym opposite the apartment that the 30+ year-old shared with his mother.

Detectives caught him on film, just as he was peppering the gym's female receptionists with calls.

Jailed for 2 1/2 years Friday, he admitted making some 15,000 such harassing calls to women, asking them questions about their underwear. He posed as a clothing researcher and claimed to be gathering marketing data for a retailer.

He had been making the calls for 12 years, usually starting off his conversations with seemingly innocuous questions about the women's socks and cardigans. Then he would move on to their underwear, making lewd suggestions to his victims.

He had been "making these calls for the purposes of sexual gratification and, I must say to my mind, for the purposes of cruelty," Judge Peter Testar concluded. Using unregistered pay-as-you go phones, and the "LEPER COLONY' he was finally caught targeting the gym's female staff, commenting on their clothes and the way they wore their hair.

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