Kel-Tec P32 6.6 oz .32 caliber...who has one or who has an opinion?



Apr 6, 2006
Earth or possibly another planet, also Dingburg
...the one in the Nutfancy cover photo is identical to the one I have carried since 02 or 03 and is in my pocket right now...except mind shows much wear...

...the 45 happens to be on my hip also...and the 317 is almost unnoticed in a tiny fag weights aboot as much as the P32...I am just headed out...

...I have, as mentioned, a vaunted Ruger LCPII and would indeed recommend that gun over the KelTec P32 for almost any person...

...the LCPII is not a bear like the Kel-Tec PF9, but the P32 is more comfortable to fire...

...I just have less confidence in my LCPII than the P32 I happen to have...I would need to shoot the LCPII a lot more than I have but have no opportunity to do so...
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