It was this time in 2014 that the greatest ever trip taken by an LABusian occured...

Mr Lucky

The Voice Of Reason...
Dec 29, 2001
Your momma...
Yes, no less than 7 years ago and Britishman flew his wooden teeth all the way to 'Murica (fugg-yeah!) and showed all you fukken gheys how to ride on the street.
Lots of wonderful people made the trip possible and many more made it memorable, for me at least. I met old friends and made new ones. I want to thank you all again for giving me your time and energy and love. I live off those memories (things that can't be taken away from me, no matter what else I lose) and they sustain me at a time when I am not at my 100% best 'me'.

Thank you all so much, you insane fuckers... :fu: :D
Jan 20, 2002
Next time you come to Northern California Silicon Valley San Jose area you can ride my mini-Benelli TNT 450 100mph machine.
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