How's Dusty Hill Doing? say it ain't so!


Oct 31, 2002
On the buckle of the Bible Belt.
RIP Dusty Hill
“Damn! Gov’t Mule is holed up in rehearsal and we just got the sad news. It's no secret that ZZ TOP was (and is) a big influence on us. I’ll never forget the first time I heard them: I had the single of “LaGrange” and the flip side was “Just Got Paid” which is odd because they’re from two different albums, but ZZ TOP always did things their own way. I moved backwards from there and discovered the “First Album” and “Rio Grande Mud” after hearing “Tres Hombres.” Man, that was/is some tasty shit! A lot of noise for three people.
As we continue to trudge through today’s rehearsal which I’m sure is gonna wind up being mostly playing and listening to ZZ TOP songs, I’m thankful for the chemistry that we have and reminded that we should never take it for granted. Thanks to those like ZZ TOP that came before us, we were able to combine our collective and individual influences together in search of something unique. We should all be so lucky as to discover something as unique and buoyantly filled with personality as ZZ TOP." - Warren Haynes
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