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Jan 1, 2002
Dentro de tu madre
A couple years back the company I was working for brought in a cohort of drag queens to mark our 'inclusive culture' :roll: Because society is hell bent on normalizing deviant behavior of course

They walked the floors going office to office handing out awareness pamphlets and such, talking up a storm and strutting their wares

I gotta say they had great game with the office sluts

The best part was watching all the Muslim employees faking approval while obviously uncomfortable with the infidels of all infidels :lol:


Aug 10, 2005
In my area the teachers are not becoming millionaires off our tax dollars. Most of the cars in the school staff lots are older cheap models. They sometimes spend their own money for supplies for the kids.

I definitely can't complain about school taxes if the school budget is that low.

To get a good education you need good teachers which means attracting them to teach here.

While I love low taxes I think local school systems could stand to have a bigger budget so I wouldn't mind if my taxes went up a hair for that. I definitely don't want a generation of drop outs wandering around at night looking for places to break in or things to steal.
Teachers go into their profession knowing what the pay scale is.......but you do know what the administrators make??

I liken it to EMS.....EMT's make near NOTHING. The goal is to get on an FD, become a nurse or PA or even a doctor.

Or like the school system, the management does make a decent wage.

But we KNEW what the job paid before we started.

You do not oppose higher taxes for schools since you have school age children.....makes total sense.

Where I get frustrated is the lack of accountability people have for their own children. I saw it first hand when I coached little league. Not only did I have to baby sit after practice but often times had to go pick up kids for games.

I cannot understand the lunch program come no one is holding the parents accountable for the kid going hungry?? What's funny is I remember it like yesterday that I rarely, if ever, ate lunch at school since it cut into the outdoor time; ALWAYS had a pickup game of football or basketball.

I think the same thing regarding lunch being provided applies to school supplies....didn't we get a list of crap to get for the semester?? From notebooks to pencils; pens; paper? Basketball coach said we had to buy some expensive ass Converse shoes....I hated the fuckers...but we had to buy them. I do recall the uniforms were provided though.

I guess I was lucky in that my schedule allowed me to not only coach LL but I volunteered a lot of time at my son's school(s)....then the fucker goes and marries a bleeding heart liberal. A story for another day perhaps...but I guess my rant is I really wish the parents got more involved with their kids. Just throwing money at something isn't the answer IMHO.
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