Happy thanksgiving to all the LABUSA and motorcycle freaks, stay safe

Jan 20, 2002
Cooked me up a 23 lb turkey with stuffing, now resting for round two. Not watching any TV sports but practicing on my ukulele and Scottish/Irish thin/penny whistle. Downloaded a bunch of youtube tutorials on how to play songs on a Guitar, ukulele, Penny whistle and American Indian flute.

Now searching the web for good Black Friday deals, already scored me a new set of D/C penny whistle, and my new 450cc engine is coming up from Southern California to be installed into my 2020 Benelli TNT 135. Scored some deal on more batteries and props for my new DJI mini-2 with 4K video.

I'm searching for a good deal on a second crossbow since we will no longer be able to own assault Diane Feinstein rifles for the safety of our children.

Other than that enjoy life gang.


smoothly disappears
Jan 7, 2002
SoCal OC
Thanks Cisco and right back at you and the rest of the LABs.

I had a great turkey dinner with all my favorites. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce (jelly kind). I love thanksgiving, My favorite meal all year.

Even with all the crappy stuff that happened this year, I still have a lot to be thankful for and it's nice to think about that a little today.
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