Dr. Mercola Takedown - Censorship in action


Oct 4, 2005
On the road
Story at-a-glance
  • Over the past year, I’ve been researching and writing as much as I can to help you take control of your health, as fearmongering media and corrupt politicians have destroyed lives and livelihoods to establish global control of the world’s population, using the COVID-19 pandemic as their justification
  • Through it all, I have refused to succumb to these relentless attacks. I have been confident and willing to defend myself in the court of law
  • Unfortunately, threats have now become very personal and have intensified to the point I can no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. So, effective immediately, much of the information on my website will be permanently removed

Reading between the lines, I suspect he has been threatened with jail time for his Vitamin D study (linked in the article). I doubt it would be heard to amass a team of credentialed docs to testify against him at trial and the charges would be sure to include criminal counts

Welcome to the era of Big Brother
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