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Historical note: The Faroukian stare.

You're probably wondering who King Farouk was. He was Howard, Flo's older son. He was the neighborhood blowhard - every neighborhood has one. The Lincoln Street Farouk got his nickname from the nice Scottish woman across the street. She granted this to him on account of his expansive persona.

Anyway, Howard was something or another in the Police Department, as well as being a minor elected official of some sort. He used to visit the Lincoln Cafe, and was fond of looking out the window and citing what articles of the parking codes the other customers were in violation of. Mom finally got rid of him as he was bad for trade.

The neighborhood originally got up in arms against him when he and his family moved in with Flo, and pretty much displaced her. She was relegated to one bedroom, where she once had the entire house to herself. Farouk, not being happy with a common two bedroom stucco, financed expansive home improvements (which included a second story addition built without removing the old roof) and overbuilt the place for the neighborhood.

One of my greatest joys as a teenager was watching for Farouk in his front yard when pulling up to my house, rolling the windows down and blasting some rock station that I had specifically tuned for his benefit (I normally only listened to the classical station). The Faroukian stare made the effort worthwhile.

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