Does this mean that we finally get to bring all of these treasonous fucks to justice and hang them?


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Ever try Iverm....
India dropped ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine because they don't do jack diddly fuck.

Imagine that - brokedick country, bad infrastructure, people bathing in the same river some guy 50 feet upstream is shitting in - says, "Nah, this stuff isn't working". :lol:

You can't be serious - mainstream mediuhhh, CDC, Poison Control, even Pres Biden got up on national television and had to tell dipshits not to take horse paste.

Cue the morons here screaming about ivermectin blackout.

And taking the horsepaste version is the same drug as human ivermectin, just much higher doses. How is that the medical industry's responsibility to tell people not to take a drug meant for animals????

What happened to personal responsibility everyone's sqawking about these days?
Research is your friend


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Why don't other countries use it?

Not a single person in the coronavirus thread extolling the miracle drugs that are Ivermectin and HCQ can explain why it's not widely used by other countries.

Cheap, mass produced, widely available, easy to distribute and administer and best of all - cures covid.

So why did India drop it from use?
Could this be a factor? I don't know.
There's so much information out there (both true and false), I have no chance of getting my arms around it.


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India is also the country that filed charges against the WHO Scientist who lied about the efficacy of Ivermectin.
"India", as a country, hasn't filed shit against one WHO scientist, who didn't have shit to do with India's use of ivermectin.

You should figure out what group sued who, and how neither have any bearing on healthcare policy.

Why wouldn't they sue the Directorate General of Health Services, the one responsible for making that decision?

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