buying Diesel oil filter from China can get you visited by the HLD and Police

Jan 20, 2002
sort of funny video, but I like I've been saying the Government is watching your every use of the internet. When I worked government contracts doing internet security on our network we used a program to catch certain phrase words and website and use to watch what users where doing on those website. We mostly watched people at work going to porn website which will get you fired on the stop and walked out the door.

May 7, 2003
Did you know these sites like facebook/instagram have specific departments for dealing with law enforcement ?

Safety Center

You think ebay or aliexpress isn't recording and flagging certain purchases or searches then sending that information to some law enforcement entity that has a standing request for them to do so ? There are no feds monitoring transactions with some super secret computer, it's the websites themselves providing the purchase and search histories.
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