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Mar 31, 2002
Modesto, CA
In PA, just being present, like in getaway car, you're charged
Same in California. Of course when it's a "brutha" who was committing a robbery with his "homie" and gets charged with murder because his homie popped the clerk at the local convenience store, the likes of WP hails it as justice.

Something tells me WP won't feel the same way about this red-necked dickwad getting charged with murder...


Feb 27, 2002
E8's 248th
Speaking at a press conference at the GBI's DeKalb County headquarters Friday, director Vic Reynolds dismissed previous claims made by William 'Roddie' Bryan Jr. that he was merely a 'witness' and not an accomplice in Arbery's killing.

'If he was a witness we wouldn't have arrested him,' Reynolds said.

'We believe his underlying felony helped cause the death of Ahmaud Arbery,' he said, adding that the GBI is 'confident [prosecutors] will be able to prove that'.

He added that the GBI had collected more video footage of the shooting which would be revealed when the case goes to trial.
‘Once we start turning over stones, there are a few stones underneath that we start to turn over,’ he explained about the move to arrest Bryan in connection to Arbery's death.

‘On Wednesday afternoon or evening we reached the point that we were convinced probable cause existed to make those charges.

‘It wasn’t a proverbial moment of epiphany it was an accumulation of various things.’
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