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Thread: Pacific Island girls

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    Talking Pacific Island girls

    Looking for pics of thick hot pacific Island/Samoan women, can't find them anywhere!

    Cheers Steve
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    Here they be:

    Now what are you going to do with them?

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    Admittely I have only been to some of the States, but never to Hawaii. True had seen some TV footage of the gals shaking their butts so well.

    Still in the summer of '57 or '58 in the evening comes in these well tanned people, males & females, doing the greatest of the above. One chap & his wife (I later found out) fell in love with a seal skin coat at our Sport Shop. Naturally I helped her in picking out the best. Unfortunately only cash those days as even in Banff National Park in Alberta Cdn., plastic money cards were beyond us, AND we could not accept an American Cheque for 25 to 50% of them backfired & that was loss money to us.

    So in the next day in comes of few of them again, not whipping their hips like before, but yattering away in a friendly manner & voice, & the husband whips out the cash in Cdn money even though he knew the Cdn dollar was around $1.04 of the American----which we accepted at par. Still kidding me as I was taken back a bit of the evening before.

    It seemed at the Banff Springs Hotel they often brought in the best of such musical groups or entainers from so many parts of USA though this group was the FIRST.

    Really a fine group, but would be flying back to home, from Calgary the next day. The gal asked me how does she take care of the seal skin coat & told her something like "Do you have people that take car of fur coats then there is your answer". On going out she whipped her hips as a friendly "Good by" & Lord what a smile. Hey I will never forget that couple.
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    Smile Re: Pacific Island girls

    Just something about them I guess, I know a few polynesian women it must be those curves and big tits that do it for me . Couldn't find any Samoan/Polynesian porn anywhere, must be pretty rare
    Don't trade the thrills of life for the security of existance.

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    There are some incredibly beautiful Island ladies down here. A few of the mom's of the kids I teach are stunning! I always want to have conferences with them!!!! Apparently New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world, according to an OECD study just published with an average of 20.4 partners versus the international average of 13.1...

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