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Thread: Problems of riding alon in the mountains.

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    Default Problems of riding alon in the mountains.

    Cannot help, but it reminds me of myself when it came to riding for I was always up in the mountains west of this small town.

    Now I have had some bad prangs to doozer of concussions to broken arms tack on broken clutch lever part.

    That meains if I was BADLY injured I would have to drag myself to other humans so distance off to ask for help.

    If I did not turn up, at home my late Mother could only point to the west of the mountains here & say I think he rides to the south & north some times. THAT is why you should ALWAYS have a fellow rider is case you are messed up.

    I competed in the Cdn World Championship for Oberved Trials & so many were British rides so one & I became sort of letter friends.

    In heading to my Western Canada secection he had to stop off with some of his American comp riders. They new their terrain only he was not prepared for he went down busting up a let. Hikers went buy totally ignoring him. Now at home he had two sons that practiced with him & they were in their late teen to early 20s.

    I pointed out this might happen & only way the Americans knew anything about this Limey rider is he was not at a stop point. So the road back to find him & obtain an ambulance.

    Crumbs I felt if the greatest of all being Sammy Miller that road his Trials iron to work & back again. Then why not me, so again another disappearing act & not home till around supper time. Some of the runs were doozers & I was up in the air & came down landing on a stove to smash all these visitors b/fast & told them to not ride into such terrain as others would come along with a horse or a m/c. Not that others did it with a m/c other then myself.

    I even had to clean off the fried eggs from my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Problems of riding alon in the mountains.

    had to read it 3 times, but I finally got it....esp. cleaning the fried eggs.

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